Welcome to the BCYC 2022 Angling Tournament

This tournament is a friendly and spirited competition among BCYC members, family, and friends where participation alone is rewarded. This is a 24/7 365-day tournament were anglers post their activities, with photo’s, daily from your phone or computer on the water or at home and rack up the points on our real time leader boards.


There are three types of anglers. Members, Family members, and guests of members. Members are competing for both tournament and the BCYC member awards. This tournament takes us further, including a Jr’s classification.


Teams are any number of anglers who’s points are scored to the team they’ve joined. Once you choose a team it may take a keel hauling (a round for the Columbia Room) to transfer, but your points scored to date wont move with you. Choose your teammates, and team name, wisely. Also, we’ve developed a special scoring for teams. With the number of team members unlimited, the total points scored to the team will be divided by the number of team members for a team score!


Boats are just that. A boat must be registered to a member angler. Any group of anglers may fish on any boat at any time. When anglers post their catch it can be associated with the boat they’re on. All the boat need do is take anglers fishing and it’s winning!



Scoring is based on each angler’s activity throughout the year. You will enter each fishing activity each day (or after) to stay atop the leader boards!

FISHING: 1 point

That’s right, the activity of fishing, no catch required, scores one point. Put a line in the water, including a hand line while sailing to Catalina, scores a point. This “Fished, No Catch” item.

CATCHING: 1-50 points based on species.

Recognizing we don’t have a lot of members who want to land, measure, clean and eat their catch

We’ve included fish identification images and information to help you identify your catch. In addition to general species, such as Bass, Perch, Rockfish, Flat Fish etc. we’ve separated out the coveted game fish, like tuna, marlin, swordfish and more.

LOCATION: 1 point

Did you catch between Point Conception and the Mexican border? If so you’ll get an extra point!

BCYC EVENT: 1 point

Did you catch while on a club cruise or event? Build up your points!